• Creative and passionate about bringing the script alive thru the character’s costume
  • Budgeting – get the job done on-time and on-budget
  • Strong fashion background – skilled in design, fabrications, fittings, shopping
  • Computer literate – research, script breakdown and budgets
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Secret House Designer Film 2013 Monogram Pictures

The Identical Supervisor Film 2012 Identical Prod. Co

A Christmas Wedding Designer Film2012 Synthetic Filmwerx

Standing Up Designer Film, 2011 The Goats, LLC

Hard to Love Designer Film, 2010 Remote Films Prod.

Sunnyview Designer Film, 2010 AFI, DWW

The Artist Costumer Film, 2010 Barbes Bros. Prod.

Craigslist Killer Supervisor Film TV, 2010 Lifetime Television

LXD Asst. Designer Internet. 2010 Agility Studios

What’s The Harm Designer Film, 2009 Little Bear Prod.

Sick Puppy Designer Film, 2008 AFI

Void Designer Film, 2008 AFI, DWW

Shark Supervisor T.V., 2007 20th Century Fox

Believers Supervisor Film, 2007 Three Prod.

Sublime Supervisor Film, 2006 Three Prod.

Rest Stop Supervisor Film, 2006 Three Prod.

Bus Life Supervisor TV, 2005 It’s a Laugh Prod.

The Last Time Supervisor Film, 2005 Element Films

Sorority Boys Costumer TV, 2002 Dog Catcher Prod.

The Tick Supervisor TV, 2001-2002 Glenhill Prod.

The Tick Supervisor TV, 2001 Glenhill Prod/Sony

The West Wing Key Cost. TV, ’99-’2001 John Wells Prod.

ER Costumer TV, ’99-2001 John Wells Prod.

Sunset Beach Supervisor TV ’97-1998 Spelling Entertainmnt

Offshore Television Designer TV, 1996 Saban Entertainmnt

Beverly Hills 90210 Key Cost. TV, 1995 Spelling Entertainmnt

Brotherly Love Key TV, 1995 Witt, Thomas Prod.

Hard Copy Stylist TV, 1994 Paramount

Don’t Miss Wax Designer TV, 1993 Fox Television

Journey to Mars Key TV, 1992 CBS Television

Personalities Stylist TV, ’90-1992 Fox Television

The Late Show Stylist TV, ’86-1989 Fox Television

The Young and the Restless Costumer TV, 1986-’88 CBS Television

Faerie Tale Theatre Costumer TV, 1986 Platypus Pro

Comedy Break Designer TV, 1985 Viacom

Three’s a Crowd Costumer TV, 1985 NRW Prod.

Union Affiliations: Costume Designers Guild #892, and Motion Picture Costumers #705